Kansas City Vixen Photography

You can now schedule a vixen photo shoot in Kansas City!

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Kansas City Vixen Photography is a popular type of photography that has been in the area for over 10 years.  With the rise in popularity of Vixen Photography — having been featured in over 20 national magazines — we are delighted to be one of the pioneer photography companies offering this type of photography in KC.

If you want photographers that can provide the experience you want for pin up photos worthy of showing your friends, now you know where to go for pin-up photography in KC.We offer a variety of photography packages for this service.  

For our sessions, you are welcome to take advantage of our collaboration with a local makeup artist, who will help give you a makeover before your session starts.  Both makeup and hair are some of the perks of this service beyond receiving the awesome pictures from your shoot.

You don’t need to be a model in order to benefit from this type of shoot.  In fact, most of the ladies visiting our studio have never stepped on a runway and still performed superb for us to get the prized photo they desired.


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Your Vixen Photography Photographer is here to take your call for new clients.  Locations will be discussed when you contact us.  We look forward to bringing you excellent service with your glamour shots!